Soo Ken

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for AIM YOGA - FORREST YOGA 1:1 session with Chester. I have been practicing 1:1 with Chester for 3 years until now present moment, I had learned deep understanding about my own body, my emotional being. Chester designed strengthening poses to suits my injuries before. Every time each session finish, I felt great and re-charge! He never stopped surprising me during 1:1 training. 

Manjit Dhillon

Certfied Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

I really enjoyed the FORREST Yoga workshop and it included all the essential elements of a great FORREST Yoga class such as ceremony and ‘moving, breathing and feeling your body’.  I loved the workshop form and plan for the day and the embodiment sequence with abs, shoulder and hip openers as well as arm balances. 


Nick has an easy friendly, playful and an encouraging manner.   This allowed us to explore the asanas and challenge ourselves at the workshop.  Some really nice suggestions for partner assists to allow the body to relax further.  Lovely savasana assist from Nick himself. I am glad I booked on this workshop and met some lovely people.

Zhanna Dijkstra

Amsterdam, Netherlands

FORREST Yoga with Nick is simply amazing! Nick is a treasure of knowledge that he shares with love, encouragement, and compassion. His sense of humor, creative class sequencing and deep love for ceremony create a unique yoga experience that is a real treat. What sets Nick apart is his love and deep dedication for spreading the magic of yoga. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years Nick will challenge & encourage you to create a deeply personalized yoga practice, that you fall in love with!

Linda Hendra

Jakarta, Indonesia

My body longing this practice so much. It's a small & private workshop, but it's good to experience it. Nick & Chester can connect with the participants well. I personally like how both Nick & Chester able to complete each other teaching & the workshop timing runs very well, I'm able to receive enough information during their teaching. I hope both Nick & Chester will have another class like this in the future.

Amie Merwitzer

Marseille, France

Nick is one of the most open-minded, clear thinking and gentle souls I have yet to meet. He has a large variety of experiences from yoga and fitness that he brings together in a fun, intense, and intelligent way! He knows how to guide his students in a loving way and creates a safe environment for all levels of practioners.

Christina Koh


Both Nick & Chester work well as a team is just perfect and beautiful!. The chemistry between two of you holds the energy and flow very well through out the practice  The team work also enable us to see & listen and understand better. The pace of practice to me is good as in not too fast or slow. I will come back again for their workshop.

Susan Katrina

Jakarta, Indonesia

This is my second time practicing FORREST yoga with Nick & Chester, I like the words they're using to guide us to relax by doing deep breathing and they also help me with hand adjustments to release tensions in some parts of my body, so i can hold the yoga poses longer. What i also like their workshop is not to forget the vigorous and repetitive movements that really targets the core muscles. As i really work on the deep breathing as i posed, that's when the practice begin to feel intense and i feel completely uplifting and amazing after practice!

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